For our company, the Mission has always been clear and concrete, based on continuous research of new technological solutions, new materials and new designs, with the aim of satisfying the most demanding customers, offering them unique and exclusive products that are impossible to find elsewhere. In GoldenNight the key word is innovation.

With our mission and keyword in mind, in this moment of strong expansion in new markets, it was inevitable to revisit the corporate image and our logo GoldenNight.

After years in which the quality of our work is been critical to our business acknowledgment, we wanted that our logo was in line with what we have expressed till now and with what we would continue to express in the future. Mattresses entirely produced in our factory, durable, with advanced technical features, result of continuous research and study.

Hence the choice of a simple and clean font, but characterized by an elegance of shapes, typical of what does not go out of fashion and stays current despite his years. In line with this thinking, comes the decision to emphasize our nature and our roots with three simple words “the Italian mattress”. Denote our innovative spirit, guide and box every idea, an oval that surround the brand and complete the logo.

Every word that we could never spend to describe the new corporate identity, will never be appropriate to the emotions conveyed by his own image, so, with great pleasure, we present to all of you our new logo:


After bringing the Golden Night logo in harmony with our mission, the reflection on our customers and on how they think about the furniture, has led us to face a new choice, and thus comes the brand Conte.


The simple and yet elegant night furniture design, characterized by creativity and originality, needs a logo that expresses with immediacy these kind of values.

Confident that the new year will be accompanied by business success of this just ended 2015, we believe that you too will enjoy the utility of these innovations, that make us proud to spread the news.