Your old mattress is a squeaks concert, that you might are afraid even to turn around not to wake the neighbors. You wake up in the morning and your back asking for mercy. You do not deserve such treatment after a grueling day at work!
But the coating is still good, the mattress has been treated with care during his years of honorable service. It was always clean, airy and turned over regularly to avoid creating dips. So apparently it could last for another few years.

Well then what?

Buy a new quality mattress is a significant overhead. Moreover the moment of need is not always the time of maximum disposable income. Indeed most of the times it happens just the opposite. Urgent need and little money to invest.

Looking ahead to this so common situation, and collecting feedback from its customers, Golden night has found the best solution to make the old mattress useful and functional again.

The Golden night research laboratory has created Topper Gel a mini mattress to be placed above the old mattress!

Leveraging the base of your old mattress, despite of its only 6 cm in height Topper equally distribute your body weight, making once again convenient and efficient your old mattress.

Thanks to its Memory Gel internal structure, a last generation viscoelastic with micro gel particles, Topper Gel not only makes comfortable the old mattress , it’s also able to promote blood circulation and body thermoregulation.

With Topper will finally give new life to your old mattress and save a lot of money without sacrificing comfort and well-being!