Improve the quality of your rest is now possible

“Finally winter has arrived! I could not wait, now I can sleep without even one bead of sweat … ”

How many years you keep telling yourself this sentence? Why you still remaining disappointed because this sentence is unfortunately true for everyone, but not for you?

Despite the low temperatures, despite the lightweight blanket, despite a cotton pajamas, you continue to sweat every single night.

You’re forced to change clothes during the night, you wake up several times in the morning drenched in sweat and you feel like you have not slept at all.

If you’re reading this, probably you are still not able to solve this annoying problem and you are looking for something that can put an end to this no longer sustainable situation.


Gold night’s reveals your three little secrets to better sleep.

1) Clean regularly your mattress.

by their nature mattresses attract dust and consequently mites. This over time deposited dirt means that mattress does not transpire anymore and during the night mattress is becomes an extraordinary accumulator of water vapor and consequently heat.

Clean the mattress regularly will prevent dust accumulating and it will promote a normal perspiration.

2) Wash the outer covering.

if your mattress has a removable cover, wash it following the instructions on the label. Also for this part of the mattress is valid the speech of the first, with an added bonus. By washing the coating you eliminate completely all the impurities that prevent perspiration.

3) Airing your mattress

every time you change the bedding ventilate your mattress, at least once. The sun has a powerful bactericidal and then anti-mite.


In fact the real cause of your night sweats is your own mattress.

The common mattresses, both springs which latex, for technical characteristics of the materials they are made, have a very low (almost zero) level of breathability. They are not made for those who have a need as yours.

Even those of good quality will not give you the result you expect, and they will continue night after night to accumulate water vapor and therefore heat, the primary source of your sweat.


Of course, clean, wash and ventilate your mattress are good measures, but they never put an end to your discomfort.


The ultimate solution is a mattress by advanced technological features. A unique mattress for choice of materials and construction techniques, able finally to put a stop to night sweats.


Air Foam technology of golden night is the solution you’ve been waiting.

With its exclusive air foam technology you can sleep remaining dry and full enjoying your hours of sleep, both in winter and in summer.

Air foam allows an unmatched ventilation and a consequent dispersion of water vapor and moisture. Due to its unique structure, the exploded polyurethane foam cells resulting from the aeronautical world, the air passes through the mattress leaving it always fresh and dry.

Do not wait any longer, sleep well and dry is the key of your rest, choose golden night means improving your daily life.


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